What I do

I work with companies to build offshore software development teams all over the world. If you are considering nearshore or offshore development in Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe, I can make connections and coach you through the process. The majority of my clients are small to mid-sized companies that want to build teams of eight to 100 software engineers. I also work with startup ventures looking to develop new software products with flexible, fast-scaling overseas teams.

I'm available for hire on a contract basis.

Since 1999 I have spent about half of my time overseas on various software and IT projects. I'm American, but I have lived and worked in six Indian cities and the Himalayan country of Bhutan. I am currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina.


About me

I am a serious yoga practitioner, an amateur bluegrass mandolin player, a ham radio operator, a learning photographer, and an aspiring writer. I’m fascinated by the culture and people of India.



I've recently released an open source project called Booksquisher to help technically-minded writers create beautiful books in multiple digital formats. If you are a writer who is also a computer power user—not afraid of the command line, Git, GitHub, Docker, or writing using a text editor instead of a word processor—you should check out the Booksquisher User's Guide at www.booksquisher.com.